Started from very humble beginnings in 1993, transforming and becoming a Drag King extraordinaire, artist and instigator, accelerated drag kinging into the world of glamour.

Influenced by some of Australia’s leading Drag queens, Sexy developed her style and formula for success, creating 2 very successful performing nights in Sydney and influencing the Drag King scene wherever this king lays his hat.

Performing for 20 years, Sexy had humble beginnings within the Perth scene where she learnt the craft, first hand on stage. Breaking into the Drag Queen scene in Sydney many years later, launched her career and gave her the opportunity to perform and produce shows in some of Sydney’s biggest clubs and parties:

from Mardi Gras,   Sleaze Ball,  Gay games,. She was guest presenter for Queer TV, Foxtel channel, for 3 years, co-hosting Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball with Pandora Box.

From there Sexy went on the perform all over the globe,  Melbourne and Perth Fringe Festivals, Candy Bar London and Brighton, Café de Paris London, Euro pride Stockholm, Dublin Arts Festival, Great Big International Extravaganza Washington DC, Manchester Pride, Tranny Shack London, Brighton Pride, Amsterdam Pride, Lovedance World Aids Day Amsterdam, Japan, Lezfest Cairns and an annual Drag King Convention in Minnesota USA, just to name a few.


1996                Winning Drag stars Competition, Aulbury Hotel, Sydney

2003/4/5          Drag Industry Variety Awards Sydney’s favorite Drag King



1993 - 1995   Fishvestites Performance Due

                      Dual Control Nightclub (DC’s) Perth WA


1996              Sydney Mardi Gras Float

                      Design and construction “Go Go Fish”


1997              Perth Pride March Float

                      Design and construction “The Future is Now”


1997 - 1999    Trade Nightclub, Perth WA

                        Tasks included: Painting backdrops for each new show

                                                     Body painting dancers each week


                                                     Creating my own costumes


1998                Dive Bar, Perth, WA

                        Tasks included: Mural Painter

                        Club Decorator

                        Go Go Dancer


1999                Sexes, the play, Byron Bay, NSW

                        Tasks included: Stage Designer

                                                     Stage Manager

                                                     Body Painter         



                        Cinderella Y2K, Byron Bay, NSW

                        Makeup artist


                        Buzz Film Festival, Byron Bay, NSW

                        Festival Decorator


                        Tropical Fruits, Lismore, NSW

                        Performance Artist, Body Painter for several events throughout the year


2000 - 2002    NV Nightclub, Sydney, NSW

                       Decorator for themed events, including design and construction of decorations.


                        Sydney Mardi Gras Party



                      Stonewall Hotel, NV Nightclub, Girlesque Club, Sydney NSW

                       Drag King Performer


2002               Sydney Sleaze Ball ( Mardi Gras fundraiser party )

                       Costume, body painting design

                       First female lead performer for main production show


2002 - 2006    Promoter and Host, Kingki Kingdom, Sydney, NSW

                        The Sly fox Hotel, Sydney, every Wednesday night

                        Tasks included: Organizing performers each week

                                                     Making sets, props and costumes, wig styling

                                                     Mixing audio tracks         


                                                     Hosting the event


2004                 USA International Drag King Extravaganza (IDKE) convention

                         Performer representing Australia


                         Pride Party NYE, Sydney, NSW

                        Opening performance

                          Tasks included:  Lead performer


                            Designing the show audio, costumes, wigs

                            Making props and costumes, wig styling

                            Mixing audio tracks


2004                Pride Awards Night, Sydney, NSW

                        Presenter, performer


                        King Victoria Drag King Festival, Vic

                        Head line Performer


                        De-Manning Drag Show, Sydney University



                        Frolic, a Gender Odyssey, Newtown RSL, Sydney



                        Drag Kings on Tour



                        Brisbane Drag King convention

                        Headlining performer   



                        Belingin Festival NSW

                        Festival decorator and face painter

                        Tasks include designing and constructing decorations


2004 - 2006     Arq Nightclub, Sydney, NSW

                       Show Producer, Performer, once a month

                        Tasks included: Organizing performers each month

                                                    Designing the show, costumes, sets

                                                     Making sets, props and costumes, wig styling

                                                     Mixing audio tracks         


                                                     Hosting the event

                                                     Lead Performer


2005- 2006      Side Show of Sin, Arq, Sydney, weekly   

                         Tasks included:  Performer,

                                                      Designing and making my own costumes and wigs

                                                      Hosting the event



2005                Sydney Pride launch

                         Host and performer


                      Sydney Pride awards ceremony



                       Sydney DIVA awards Show Producer

                       Tasks included: Show Concept and Design

                                                    Lead Performer

                                                     Audio creation



2006               Dirty Red Ball, London, UK

                       Host and performer


2007                 Washington DC Great Big International Drag King show



                        Euro pride (July), Stockholm, Sweden

                        Production show

                        Tasks include: Show design and concept


                                                     Costume construction


                        Aphrodite: The Boat Party Sept 29th, Amsterdam, Holland

                        The Jungle Edition Nov - 24th

                         Tasks include: Performing

                                                     Body Painting


National aids day, Love dance Nov 2nd, Amsterdam, Holland

                         Drag King Performance artist


                        Coc, Alkmeer Dec 29th, Amsterdam, Holland

                        Drag King Performance artist


2007 - 2008   Candy Bar, Oct - Sept, Brighton, UK

                        Tasks included: Promoter

                                                   Show producer

                                                    Performer and host


2008                Arq nightclub, special return performance after living in UK for 2 years


2008                Amsterdam Supper Club Boat, Wet Productions Oct 19th 

                       Shark Attack Show Performer and choreographer


                        Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, Feb 

                       Mullet-heads show Performer, choreographer


                       Shunt Lounge, London, May 

                       Moustache Men show Performer, choreographer

                       Volunteer, usher, maintenance


                       Café de Paris, London, May

                       Zoolander spoof show designer, performer, choreographer


                       Dublin Arts Festival, July 

                       Mullet-heads show designer, performer, choreographer


                       Brighton Pride, Aug 

                      Abba Bois show designer, performer, choreographer


                       Manchester Pride, Sept

                       Disco Kings show designer, performer, choreographer


                       Meat, Brighton UK short film

                       Art department, costumes, makeup


2009/ 2011    Gay Pride, Amsterdam

                      Co-host Drag Olympics


2009/10/11    Valtifest Festival, Amsterdam, Holland

                       Roving performer


  2010             Sydney Mardi Gras – Queer TV

                       Guest presenter


                       Mardi Gras party, Girls space

                      Show choreographer, producer, performer, costume designer/maker


2011              Love dance Aids Benefit, Main stage Community Performance

                      Tasks include: Performance workshops for 3 months



                                                  Costume designer, construction, audio creation



                        Paradiso, Homophonix Gay and Lesbian Live Music, Amsterdam

                          Host and Performer


                        Pillow Talk, Nieuwedyke Theatre, Aphrodite Productions, Amsterdam

                        Drag King Performance Artist 

2013                Melbourne Fringe Festival

                        Writer, Performer, Designer , Producer

                        1 hour stand up Performance: Manliness, from the angle of my dangle

                        Chapel off Chapel, Prahan


2014                 Perth Fringe World


                         Connections Nightclub


                         Sydney GLBTQ Mardi Gras Festival


                         The Oxford Hotel, Darlinghurst


                          Chillout Festival, Daylsford

                          Drag King Group Performance

                          Main performance: designer, choreographer, performer


                          Kong’s King’s, The 86, Melbourne

                          Drag King Performance, February, December


      2015            Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

                          Carnival Day Performance, “Boogie Bois”

                          Choreographer, makeup artist, costume m


                         Midsumma Festival Melbourne

                         Dolly Diamond 'Under the Big Top'