I have had many amazing experience's in my life doing Drag. It took me from a very shy and anxious girl, into someone who had to push through all my fears to do what I loved to do. My makeup hid so much inner pain for years, but also made me face a lot of it. Back then I wouldn't beleive I could be the same confident person on stage and off. I dont wear the makeup much these days, so this video below is my younger self full of struggle, glamour, hope and dreams.


For 2 and a half years I lived in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. It's a place where you can express and be yourself. When I first arrived at the Amsterdam Central train station, it was an international fest of people from all over the globe. Apon taking one step out of the station your eyes are glued at one spectacular sight. Hundreds and hundred's of bikes parked in a multi storge unit. Amazing how you would find your bike in that! One confusion is that they all look the same, but hey dont illigally park your bike  as it doesnt take long for the bike inspectors the break your lock , put your bike on a truck, where it gets taken to a storage unit, where you pay a fine and collect your bike. Its hale an hour out of Amsterdam which doesn't seem far, but in Dutch terms, it's miles away!

But as you cross the street to the main hub of Amsterdam, you hit a wall of scent. The powerful scent of maraguana fills your lungs and I quickley found myself looking for my first 'coffee shop' experience. Now I played it safe. I bought 1 pre-rolled joint, took a few tokes and saved the rest. That joint lasted me all day! Many tourists make the mistake of smoking too much and then spending the next few hours in a paranoid blur that can only be cured by consuming lots of suger. I am a wise King and sometimes little is more .. lol

 In my second week I met a wonderful Dragqueen called Jennifer Hopelzz, who invited me to co-host the upcoming Drag olympics for Gay Pride. I was welcomed with open arms by an eccentric variety of Queens , who each in there own right are amazing at what they do. The family enviroment was refreshing, and the craziness I embraced!

So they have open free  festivals and drinking in the streets. Everyone buys from the make shift bars, because the drink are cheap and your drinking cup is recyclable. Take it back and you get 1 eur!Therefore drinks are extra cheap! The dutch know how to festival !